Don't touch that dial...

It's been radio silence here since March. In case anyone was wondering "what the hell happened to Davenport's blog?!" I wanted to post a note saying: thesis

My PhD thesis defense is scheduled for mid July, and currently I'm racing to get the final chapter written! While this blog has languished, my GitHub profile has been conspicuously green...

The above image is a play on the famous cover art from Joy Division's album "Unknown Pleasures", but uses actual data from my thesis!

I've got a whole mess of blog posts and data visualization ideas on the back-burner (like 40 draft posts/ideas started!), and hopefully in July there will be enough time to get them out. Until then, don't touch that dial...

In the meantime, check out this amazing data visualization by my friend and fellow UW graduate student Ethan Kruse!
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