About Me

Hi, my name is Jim! I like to tell stories, ask questions, and drink coffee.

Speaking at Thinking with your Eyes (2014)
I am a NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at Western Washington University. I have previously studied Astronomy at SDSU, worked at APO, and interned with Microsoft Research, and did my PhD at the University of Washington.

My astronomical research interests are broad, and include open clustersbinary starsstellar activity on low-mass stars, stellar populations, and next generation time-domain and wide-field surveys. 

I have also worked on many other topics such as gender equality in science, visualization and data science, and studying tweets. Sometimes I just make ridiculous things too.

For a more complete picture of my astronomical research, check out my academic website. For code I've worked on for various projects, check out my GitHub page.

This blog is my outlet to explore fun new data (i.e. not necessarily astronomy related), visualizations, and to ask ridiculous questions. I welcome suggestions, feedback, or advice in the comments below each post. I also am interested in forming new and interesting collaborations with people!

I try to give citations/references where available. If you feel I have misrepresented your work/data, please drop me a line and I will rectify it immediately! I collect a small amount of user data in the form of Google Analytics on the site, but only for my own information.

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