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Clickbait Astronomy

Yesterday I gave my third Astronomy on Tap Seattle talk, and it was THE MOST FUN I’ve had giving a talk in at least a year! The talk is about clickbait, “fake news”, and exaggerated headlines in astronomy. This is new material for me, as I’m usually presenting talks on specific science topics rather than general commentary. I also did a ton of interesting reading to inform the material shown, so this was a really fun slide deck to prepare!

Performing on stage - in this case by presenting science-related content - is absolutely electrifying. When it goes well for me, it’s like being an actor or standup comedian. You guide the audience through a story, and can feel the control of the room’s attention. The vibe of this talk was very different for me, and I had an absolute blast giving it… and I think it went over pretty well. I hope you enjoy watching it!!

Clickbait Astronomy

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