Scenes & Voices from Cool Stars 20

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Last week I was in Boston for the Cool Stars 20 meeting. Unlike the AAS meeting in January, I wasn't able to shoot a vlog episode each day - the meeting was just too busy and full of science!

I have two other Videos from this week. The first was the entire talk that I gave at the meeting, filmed on my own camera (I believe an official video of all talks will be posted later by the conference, which I'll link too of course). Check it out here:

The second is a "Coffee Time" video that will go live next week, where we discuss the Gender in Astronomy Talks project! Stay tuned for that...

Video: Top 5 Best & Worst things about astronomy

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4 Minutes of my PhD

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3 years ago today I defended my PhD.

To celebrate this milestone, here is the first 4 minutes of my PhD defense, where I tell a classical story of the Carrington Flare (aka Solar Storm) of 1859.

Of course, I posted about my defense on this blog in 2015, and you can find a full version of the talk here (but without the slide overlays). I'll try to update this video with the slide overlays and upload to YouTube someday...

Kepler takes a nap

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Today we got an email saying that NASA's amazing Kepler telescope, which I have used as the backbone of my research since at least 2013, was put into a "nap mode". The concern is a dropping fuel level, which you can read about here. This is likely the beginning of the end for the observational portion of the mission - though the science impact will continue to grow for the next decade!

Here's a short video with some thoughts on this mission and how it has changed my life!

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