Going LIVE (on Instagram)

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Last week I did a 1-hour "IG Live" interview with @SpaceFactsWax, an Instagram space fan page run by Jonathan Wax. We talked about a wide range of things, from how I became an astronomer, to NASA's Kepler and TESS missions, to recommendations for scifi (Apollo 13 FTW!). This week's Astro Vlog features a couple highlights from that chat.

 To watch the full video, head over to Instagram!

How I got scooped...

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Here's a short story about how I got scooped after I defended my PhD thesis. It's a lesson in why you should publish early/often - even before you "publish" your paper!

Video Short: My Favorite Star

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Spoiler: it's GJ 1243. No surprise, since this is the flare star I spent over 2 years studying for my PhD thesis!!

Video Short: have a life outside of work!

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I don't subscribe to the "work 80 hours a week" thing... instead I like to go home at nigh!

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