A new (school) year has begun!

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I'm fully back from my August "hiatus", and now full-time working at UW.

This week on my Astro Vlog I'm reflecting on my own academic journey a bit, and looking forward to an exciting year.

Creativity in Music and Astronomy

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My first video back from my August Hiatus, and we're talking with my brother-in-law, my "vlog-father", an accomplished musician and recording engineer/producer: David Miner.

We're talking about (as we often do IRL) creativity, mentorship, putting in "the work", and how the practices of creating music and science are often so similar.

One major takeaway from these types of cross-disciplinary chats for me is viewing astronomy as explicitly a creative subject, and approaching my workflow from a creative standpoint. That means the most important thing you can do each day is just create something, even if it's not very "creative".

August Hiatus

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To help recharge my mental/emotional batteries, and prepare for my new gig at UW with the DIRAC institute, I took basically the whole month of August off (post Cool Stars 20).

This is why there's been no Vlogs/posts these past few weeks. BUT - I'm ramping up, getting excited for next week. We've already got a video queued up for next Monday!

To get hyped, here's a couple small videos I posted recently:

a trailer for my YouTube channel

AND, a teaser for the upcoming videos in September!

Scenes & Voices from Cool Stars 20

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Last week I was in Boston for the Cool Stars 20 meeting. Unlike the AAS meeting in January, I wasn't able to shoot a vlog episode each day - the meeting was just too busy and full of science!

I have two other Videos from this week. The first was the entire talk that I gave at the meeting, filmed on my own camera (I believe an official video of all talks will be posted later by the conference, which I'll link too of course). Check it out here:

The second is a "Coffee Time" video that will go live next week, where we discuss the Gender in Astronomy Talks project! Stay tuned for that...
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