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TESS Cycle 3 Proposal

How NOT to write a proposal

After 10 days in Hawaii, working hard at AAS (check out my daily Vlogs from the meeting!), giving 3 talks, and taking some family vacation time, I returned home to a very snowy Seattle… and a looming proposal deadline.

Working on short timelines is how we always seem to do things these days, but this was a bit ridiculous: I found myself the morning of the due date with NO proposal, and a deadline at 130pm (local time)… ACK!

So after quick consideration, and digging up the NSF proposal I had written a few months earlier, I wrote the entire (4 page) TESS Cycle 3 proposal in about 3 hours!


You can enjoy a piece of that “journey” in my latest video… and please, dear reader, do not try this at home (or work) if you can ever possibly help it. My review: 0/10, do not recommend writing a proposal in one morning.

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