Gender study at the IAU meeting

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For any astronomers heading to Hawaii next week for the big IAU meeting, please consider helping me continue the study of gender demographics at astronomy conferences!

This conference brings together the largest and most diverse group of astronomers for 2 weeks of science and sunshine. It's also a perfect chance to continue my ongoing study of gender in speakers versus question askers.

The web form is here, and will be active for the entire 2 weeks of the conference!

See you in Hawaii!

PhD Thesis Done!

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Last week I defended my PhD thesis in astronomy! My brother-in-law was good enough to capture the event with my iPhone, so I'm sharing it here for anyone interested. The talk is full of astronomy data visualizations, some that I created last year for talks, and some new! Plus, the subject matter is NASA's epic Kepler mission, so I got that going for me...

Davenport PhD Thesis Talk from James Davenport on Vimeo.

The slides are a bit hard to see, so I'll post those online soon (and will update with a link)

Moving forward I'm excited to work on some of the ideas for If We Assume that have fallen to the backburner these past few months. On the professional side of things, starting in the fall I'll begin a 3 year NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in the department of Physics and Astronomy at Western Washington University!

Finally, if you're not watching along as New Horizons passes by Pluto tomorrow (Tuesday, 2015 July 14), then you're missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Press conferences will be streamed online, starting at 0730 EDT. Images and videos will be going online constantly over the next few days. Follow the mission on Twitter: @NewHorizons2015, and my friend Alex Parker who works on this exciting mission: @Alex_Parker!
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Don't touch that dial...

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It's been radio silence here since March. In case anyone was wondering "what the hell happened to Davenport's blog?!" I wanted to post a note saying: thesis

My PhD thesis defense is scheduled for mid July, and currently I'm racing to get the final chapter written! While this blog has languished, my GitHub profile has been conspicuously green...

The above image is a play on the famous cover art from Joy Division's album "Unknown Pleasures", but uses actual data from my thesis!

I've got a whole mess of blog posts and data visualization ideas on the back-burner (like 40 draft posts/ideas started!), and hopefully in July there will be enough time to get them out. Until then, don't touch that dial...

In the meantime, check out this amazing data visualization by my friend and fellow UW graduate student Ethan Kruse!
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PAC-MAN: The End of March Mapness

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Well we've come to the end of March. I was too busy the past few weeks to keep the high pace of map posts up, but I think we had a few gems. Next year we'll do even better!

For the final post this month, I'm tipping my hat to Google who have created the best map of the month. Starting today, you can play PAC-MANin your browser using Google Maps!

No seriously, try it!

When you go to Google Maps today (and tomorrow, I'd wager), You'll see a PAC-MAN utton. Click that anywhere and you're ready to play on your local streets

This feels a lot like the in-browser version of PAC-MAN that Google featured as a "Doodle" on May 21, 2010 in celebration of PAC-MAN's 30th anniversary. 

Happy April 1st.
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